Getting Anti-Obesity Medications (AOMs) Covered: A Primer in Patient Advocacy- FREE, Non-CME (Recorded Webinar)

This is a Non-CME webinar. 

Sponsored by the OMA Advocacy Committee
Presented by Dr. Rebecca Andrick 
Panelists include: Chris Gallagher, Dr. Verlyn Warrington, Dr. Vicki March, Dr. Leslie Golden, Dr. Laura Davisson , and Dr. Michael McClurkan    

Description:   This webinar will review the obesity medicine clinician’s role in advocacy efforts as it relates to patient access to AOMs on both a macro as well as micro level.  Through a panel-based discussion based on lived experience in their various practice locales, participants will hear from key members of the OMA’s Advocacy Committee including remarks from Chris Gallagher, the OMA’s consultant on advocacy and policy matters.  


  1. Verbalize the available resources to both obesity medicine clinicians and their patients as it relates to advocacy for anti-obesity medications (AOMs) and other treatments for obesity.
  2. Identify potential partnerships within health systems, local, state, and federal agencies for which to advocate for access to obesity treatment.
  3. Understand the impact of implicit bias and obesity as it relates to access to care for patients.   





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