GLP-1-based Therapies, a Viable Medical Treatment for Obesity? (ARCHIVES)

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Description: The incretin hormone GLP-1 acts as a satiety hormone, making it a potentially attractive target for the treatment of obesity. This lecture will discuss mechanisms by which GLP-1 affects satiety, review the efficacy of GLP-1-based therapies as weight loss agents in patients with type 2 diabetes, and include preliminary clinical trial data in patients without diabetes mellitus. The safety and current concerns surrounding this type of therapy will also be reviewed.

Disclosures (at time of recording):  Speaker:

  • Barbara McGowan, MD, FRCP, PhD: Novo Nordisk: Principal Investigator – SCALE Study and Administrative Board Member


  • William McCarthy, MD, FOMA: Ridgetop Research: Offered Expert Opinion on Qsymia
  • Craig Primack, MD, FACP, FOMA: Nestle: Speaker, Focus Group Member; VIVUS: Speaker, Consultant; Diet Owl Smart Phone Application: Founder
  • Eric Westman, MD, MHS, MFOMA: VIVUS, Inc.: National Advisory Board and Speaker’s Bureau; KE Diet: Scientific Advisory Board Member
  • Nothing to Disclose: Sandra Christensen, MSN, ARNP, FOMA; Krishna Doniparthi, MD, FOMA; U. Inge Ferguson, DO, FACOI, FOMA; Brent Gear, DO; Charles Halliman; Deborah Bade Horn, DO, MPH, MS, MFOMA; Carl Knopke, MD, FOMA; Dana Mansell; Jeremy McConnell, MD, FOMA; Timothy McCormick, DO, MPH; Daisy Merey, MD, PhD; Scott Rigden, MD, FAAFP, MFOMA; Stacy Schmidt, PhD; Jennifer Seger, MD, FOMA; Harold Seim, MD, MPH, FOMA; Laurie Traetow, CAE


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