Treatment Modalities & Interventions Part 1

Obesity Management Foundations for the Primary Care Clinician - Module1 Session 7

Intensive Lifestyle Therapy (ILT) is a foundational component of healthcare for people with obesity. In this course, the treatment modalities and interventions for obesity (part 1), we will present the pillars of ILT that can be a part of the tool kit of every primary care provider when working with a person who has obesity. We will begin with a review of patient-centered care incorporating a shared decision making model based on evidence. Next, since obesity is a vastly multi-faceted disease, treatment and interventions should also be multi-faceted. Therefore, we will discuss behavioral, psycho-social, environmental, nutritional, and activity factors of ILT. During this course, we will also review barriers to factors of ILT that may prevent success and compliance and discuss ways to find solutions for barriers that cannot be modified. Finally, we will review strategies to facilitate healthy behavior change and on-going support of our patients.

CME/CE Expiration Date: May 31, 2026

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Angela Golden, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP, FOMA

Rebecca Graves, Ph.D., NP-C, FAANP



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